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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Do You Ever Have To Call Off Your Assistant?
crazydaycarelady 08:23 AM 10-09-2013
And if so do you pay her anything?

I don't need my assistant this afternoon because 5 kids are not here due to the gov't furlough. I feel bad calling her off but I can't afford to pay her.

If I had errands to run I would have just had her come anyway but for once I didn't have anything to do.
Blackcat31 08:33 AM 10-09-2013
My DD worked in a center early in her college days. Her employee contract specifically addressed these situations (as they do happen) and her contract said she would NOT be paid if she didn't work. It also noted that she was guaranteed only a certain number of hours...I suppose because the center had no idea when kids would be absent or not and thus whether she would be required to work..kwim?

I guess if you haven't addressed this with your helper, I would now. I would call her and let her know you don't need her and then make an arrangement for further situations that should arise.

This one time though, I personally would pay her.

Just like providers, we kind of count on the income from the schedule we've already been given
Play Care 09:46 AM 10-09-2013
I could, but usually unless I have no kids coming in, I keep her on. Then I get a break!
MCC 10:36 AM 10-09-2013
In my employee handbook it says she will be paid for at least 1 hour, regardless of whether she comes in or not. I didn't need her to come in last week twice, and wont need her Friday, but I know she needs the money, so I have her come in and I get some stuff done around the house.

Friday I am planning on organizing our junk drawer!

I'm not sure if the furloughed parents are paying you or not, so I understand you might not be able to afford to pay her right now.
Rachel 10:13 PM 10-12-2013
I agree just like you need to be paid and the parents are paying you for a spot, she is getting paid for her time and availability. I'm not allowed to leave the house without a good reason, but when it's quiet and I had my assistant anyway, I took advantage of the time to do deep cleaning downstairs (non daycare floor where I am not allowed while the kids are here), or just to cook or have a good lunch. The kids pay me regardless and her fee is budgeted for regardless.
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