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Ann B. 10:47 AM 05-01-2012
Hi everyone!
I'm in need of more good advice from all of you "experts" here. Currently I have a child that comes on an "as need basis". Prior to him coming here for that he was a regular in my daycare. I would like to discontinue offering "drop in" daycare for this child. I was told he would be here this week and so far he has yet to come. Everyday I'm told whether he will be here the next day or not. Now I'm charging only $5.00 more per day than a permanent child enrolled with me. I'm feeling that I need help on how to tell the parent I no longer want this arrangement. The parents are very good people and the only reason he is only here when needed is because his mother lost her job. Some days she does do temporary work when it is offered to her and that"s when she needs me. How would you handle this? Do I give her a 2 week notice or a 1 week notice? or any notice? When she lost her job I was never given a notice so I kind of feel that I am not obligated to her for this. If I knew she would get a permanent job soon I would keep things the way they are but at this point it looks like only temporary work. Please help me! Thanks everyone ! I very much value your opinions here!
Nikki2199 11:44 AM 05-01-2012
I actually ran into a similar situation. What I did was draft up a 'letter' or 'notice' that due to other inquires, I could no longer supply daycare on an as needed basis. I gave a few options with prices. (This was also for a parent who lost their job.) They told me that they didn't want to lose their spot because the mom was looking for a job. The options I gave was: 5 mornings a week (8-12), three full days, two full days or no daycare. I explained that if something came along that would fill their position, and they chose no daycare, I would gladly call them first before filling it to see if they wanted to change their option. They chose two full days. Thankfully, she found a job and now their son comes full time. I was also given no warning that they were going to drop from full time status. I also require payment at the beginning of the week for that week. They pay for holidays that fall durin the work week when we are closed and they also pay for their child no being there due to illness, vacations, etc. Then, if they decide to not come, but you are expecting them, you are at least still getting paid for them!
DBug 12:09 PM 05-01-2012
I would give 2-week written notice (or verbal) that I'm going to full-time care only, and then fill that spot with a full-timer. Or, if you have someone on your waiting list that needs a spot right away, I'd go ahead and give notice effective immediately. It's too bad that dcm lost her job, but you've got to protect YOUR income too! If you think about it, you've been doing her a huge favour by being so available as it is.
daycare 12:31 PM 05-01-2012
let me share with you a way that I did drop in care for a few of my families that were in this same boat. (job loss)

Maybe you might want to be open to something like this? Maybe not?

My drop in is paid by paying a retainer. You must have $200.00 in your retainer account to start. Then you will give your schedule on Friday the week before.

those will be the days that you can come and WILL be charged if you attend or not. Also, if you book a day and are a NO show, there will also be a $15.00 no show fee added to it. I will automatically deduct this from your account.

As you use your days, you then subtract that from the retainer account. Once the retainer account gets down to $50.00 (which is my daily rate for PT) I then make the parent add more money to the account. No money, no care.

It has worked great because I get paid if the come or not, I know what days I expect for them to be here a few days in advance and If they decide to walk away, I have a least 1 day of pay, which if they don't give notice, they don't get back.

I can better explain if needed....
Blackcat31 12:41 PM 05-01-2012
I don't offer care for kids wanting less than 3 days per week.

I have occassionally done drop in care for families who used to be enrolled but are no longer but ONLY if they pre-arrange it, pre-pay for it and if I have the space to accommodate them. So if they haven't pre-approved it (and pre-paid for it) I don't wait around for anyone.

I would do as DBug suggested and notify them in a written form. This way they have time to either commit to more use (if you have the space) or to find alternate care arrangements.
WImom 12:49 PM 05-01-2012
I also don't offer care for less than 3 days a week. I had one family that had a job loss (temp.) and they went from full time to 3 days a week so they could save the spot.

I also required a 2 week notice to do so.
cheerfuldom 02:14 PM 05-01-2012
I dont offer drop in care, period. I would let the mom know that you will have to fill their spot afterall, unless she wants to pay X amount to hold the spot, whether their child comes or not. Its up to you what amount will make it worth your while.
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