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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>WA State: How To Properly Get Rid Of Children?
Unregistered 11:00 PM 09-06-2012
I know the title may sound harsh, but I have a full facility with a waiting list and would like to know how to get rid of families who either dont pay or their child is just too out of hand making it difficult for themselves, other children and facility workers.

Is it just the standard two week notice? Or do I have to do documentation with specific reasons. I have tried to research this online and would appreciate any helpful feedback I can get.

Thank you!
Meeko 09:27 AM 09-09-2012
You do not have to give reasons. Just provide the parents with a note stating last day of care will be ***.

If they ask why, you can vaguely tell them it is not personal, just a business decision.

Then again...if they ask....feel free to tell them EXACTLY why they are being termed!

It's YOUR business and YOUR decision as to who stays and who goes.
Heidi 12:41 PM 09-09-2012
Don't you have a contract with each family spelling this out? If so, follow that. If not, neither you or they have any obligations.
providerandmomof4 02:25 PM 09-09-2012
The few times I have termed, the parents usually knew it was coming. This didn't make it any easier and the parents were still angry (No one likes to hear that they need to start the daycare process all over again, especially if it's something that you have talked about several times and they weren't willing to change.) I gave a termination letter stating reasons. I know that I didn't need to do this however it made me feel better and once I even refunded fees, when by all rights I shouldn't have because they changed their schedule and just expected me to accomodate three hours after close three days a week....but, in the end I wanted to make it as easy as possible on everyone involved, and rather than put up with the ridiculous schedule for two weeks, I termed immediately and told her why. I gave her back the two weeks she had paid in advance (she paid mnthly) so she could find other care. That's just me though.
Unregistered 12:12 AM 09-10-2012
refer then to another daycare (like mine, struggling to find 2-5 yr olds ) where are you located?
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