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Josiegirl 04:26 PM 02-04-2014
Two of my tots were watching the birds out the window, when one of the smacked the window with her toy and made a crack the whole length. It's now covered in duct tape and plastic.
During naptime, my 3 1/2 yo was very restless, I asked her to please lay down for a few more minutes. She said she didn't need to because she wasn't tired. I said yes you do, it's quiet time and you can read your books. This is the same 3 1/2 yo that tore apart a book last week so I put away all my books that are not board books. Well, the lil bugger tore every single flap out of a hide n seek book and there must've been at least 25 of them. Stupid me thought it was the other little girl playing with the velcro on her doll's dress. I asked her why on earth she thought that was okay! She said 'because nobody was in my spot with me.' I was 5' away. UGH.

Just a vent. I know kids aren't perfect but I have nobody else to let off steam to so you guys are the lucky ones.
Heidi 04:30 PM 02-04-2014
never mind...
Heidi 04:31 PM 02-04-2014
dang, that didn't work. I have you an angry green emoticon.
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