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Old 09-07-2012, 01:05 PM
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Question CT In Home Daycare Question

Please help us solve this confusion.

My wife and I have our own home with a great space for an in home daycare. However, we both have full time jobs. We were told the license can not be in one of our names since we both have full time jobs and would not be there.

We are trying to open this up and have someone run it in our home. Could we do it as an LLC and then the person running it gets the license?

We thought we would be able to start this up but we are feeling it sink now!

Thanks for the help
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Old 12-02-2012, 11:05 AM
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Exclamation Think about if you really want to do this and all the repercaucions

Ik one of my friends moms said when she started her daycare in the 70's (in CA) that she once ran a daycare at someone elses house and offered the owners free daycare. But many of the rules have changed where the provider on the liscence has to live in the house. So the only options you have are: 1) one of you quit your job and do the daycare at home and just higher an assistant; 2) you rent a room in your house to the person who is going to be the main daycare assistant; 3) you and your wife move into an appartment or another house and rent the house out to someone who wants to do home daycare 4) you buy/rent a different house for you to live in and make sure your current house is up to daycare CENTER standards (not only title 22 but also title 5), so you can be the OWNERS but you would need someone with a BA in Child Development/ECE to be a director (those are CA laws I'm not sure if it's legal in CT)

But question is why do you want to do home daycare if you both work full time? My suggestion is if you don't genuinely want to do this because you want to work with kids and if you are just doing this because you think you will make good money 1) after taxes and expense you are barely breaking even 2) the child care field is unpredictable and just because you have a decent house doesn't mean that parents will want to enroll if they can tell that the person who runs it is just in it for the money (if any) 3) there are lots of stuggling home daycares right now of people who really want to do this in this economy and they are being forced out of their dream jobs because people who have some free time and enough money to get buy even in the bad economy decide "hey I got free time and space! and I like to play, why don't I open up a daycare and charge pennies on the dollar" and the ones who are serious cannot afford to lower their tuition and wind up out of business than the person who didn't realize it was such a hard job gets "burned out" and decides to close and then everyone loses because the families have nowhere to take their kids because the professional daycare providers are out of business and the cheap daycare is out of business and they cannot afford to pay a nanny or babysitter $10/hour and all their family have to work so they either need to quit their job and stay home or find a new job with more flexible hours (which for many families is NOT an option).
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