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Old 12-01-2012, 05:33 PM
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Default Daycare name question

I was wondering how many of you have names for your daycare and if you do, did you get a fictitious? I want to order my business cards but i am not sure whether or not I should wait till i get my fictitious or not.
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Old 12-01-2012, 06:14 PM
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You should probably wait until you have determined whether the name you want to use is already in use for your state. So, it would be a good idea not to order anything until then. I incorporated my business name and my business is a corporation.
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Old 12-01-2012, 10:21 PM
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Lightbulb Need some options?

Originally Posted by Kimberly5586 View Post
I was wondering how many of you have names for your daycare and if you do, did you get a fictitious? I want to order my business cards but i am not sure whether or not I should wait till i get my fictitious or not.
I know some successful family child care porviders who just say use their name like "Carol Smith's Family Child Care" (not real, just an example- the one I do know does this is thinking about changing it though) and some successful FCC's that just encorprate their names with a theme for a fictitious name "Carol's Kid Kingdom" (that's actually a real one in my town) or just a fictitious name like "Muffet babies" (a real one also in my town).

My name is Star (yes, it is my birthname) so I am doing a star theme (even the age groups of children and my preschool program/FCC have star related titles {preschool program name different from offical FCC title}).

It doesn't really matter if you live in a large town with a descent amount of kids and an okay amount of centers/FCC's. But if you live in a small town with a lower population and too many daycare centers and FCC's (like the town I live in) it couldn't hurt to stand out a bit.

Some NON-star related themes (hint, hint. lol jk...but not really lol): Royalty (kings, queens, Prince/sses, knights, crowns), angels, puppies, kittens, bunnies, weather (clouds, sun/ sunshine, moon, snow, rain, rainbows, lightning, day/night), nature (flowers, trees, butterflys, ladybugs, baby bears/lions/ cubs), sea/ocean (dolphins, whales, fish, sharks, coral reef), western/Rodeo, Shapes (hearts and diamonds), toys (teddy bears, dolls, cartoons), or even just children!

If you want to stand out I can think of some cute ones that go well with the name Kimberly (assuming that is your name because of your screen name; unless your name is Sue and you just wanna be called Kimberly lol) just some different ideas and different ways they can be done:

(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Kinderville*
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Kindercare*
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Cool Cats (Initials need to be taken into consideration)
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Cubs (or Kubs)*
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Kingdom for Children
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Coral Reef
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Little Fishes/Fishies
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Aquarium
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Little Angels
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's House of Sunshine
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Rose Garden
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Rosey Kids

+(Miss) is optional, Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberly are different ways you can put your name in the title
*"Miss Kimber's Cubs" is my favorite and "Kimber's Kinderville" or "Kimber's Kindercare" are my second favorite but I understand if you prefer Kimberly over Kimber.

Some more educational souding titles (great if you have a preschool too):
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Early Childhood Academy
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Early Chilldhood Program
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Child Development Program
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Infant/Toddler (and/or) Preschool Academy
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Learning Program
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Little Explorers*
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Little Learners
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Institute of Younger Learning
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Little Developers
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Super Kids*
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Sunshine Academy
(Miss)Kim/Kimmy/Kimber/Kimberley's Funshine Academy*

*My favorites are Miss Kimber's Little Explorers, Kimberley's Super Kids, Miss Kimmy's Funshine Academy
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