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keuseelor 07:41 PM 11-14-2016
Hi! My name is Keusee.

I just recently opened my 1st Family Daycare in Oshkosh, WI named Kay's Learning Childcare.

I was wondering and hoping if ANYONE knows a family who needs 2nd shift childcare near my area. If you do, please give them a shout out about my newly opened daycare.

I open from 2pm-2am Monday through Friday. I provide high-quality and a learning environment with curriculum. I am certified and am planning to be licensed around 2017. I do participate in the Horizons Food Program.

My phone number is (920)216-8587 or email is

Please, let me know if you know anybody or if yourself need 2nd shift childcare!! I would love to serve help to those in need. =)

Thank you!

Keu See
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