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Unregistered 12:34 PM 11-23-2014
I have a dcb who lives with mom one week and dad the next week. I've only had him two week all went well both parents agreed on my daycare. Friday mom tells me dcb won't be here next week which is dads week because dad found daycare somewhere else. Would you keep dcb every other week? I just don't think going to two daycares is a good idea. Any of you ever have a similar situation?
Leigh 01:00 PM 11-23-2014
I would only be willing to do it if Mom is willing to pay for EVERY week whether the child is there or not.
Unregistered 01:10 PM 11-23-2014
Oh your right I didn't even think about that. Dad pays for his weeks and mom pays for hers. Oh I hate these situations. Mom doesn't want him in two different daycare so I don't know why she doesn't tell the dad no but what ever. I think I might cost more than dad can afford so he found a cheaper daycare and he will get what he pays for!
TheGoodLife 01:28 PM 11-23-2014
What about your contract? Do they still owe for next week even if they don't come? Do you think you'll get paid, or are you out? Or are you paid for days used only? That sounds messy
Unregistered 02:32 PM 11-23-2014
Well my contract says the first two weeks are the trial period provider or parent can say no after two weeks of care and it has been two weeks. We split the deposit for last week of care between the parents mom has paid part of it dad has paid zero of his part of the deposit. I have been paid for both weeks of care so no problems there.
itlw8 03:14 PM 11-23-2014
It would depend on how many spaces had open. If I had several open then I might say Well I charge here or not . I can let you do this until I fill your opening.

Or I would say I am sorry tuition is due even when the child is not here. So you either pay me for next week or give your notice now while it is still in the trial period. after today it I two weeks paid notice.
TheGoodLife 04:07 PM 11-23-2014
Would it be over the 2 weeks by now, or no? Mine is by that Friday and in writing. I'd probably let DCM know that you don't do every other week and that she'd have to pay weekly, and you need to know by tomorrow at a certain time what they want to do otherwise you'll consider that a term and will fill the spot. That would be too confusing for poor DCB to have two providers and would be highly unlikely to adjust to your program. Then figure if you would refund the 1/2 deposit or not.
Wednesday! 10:56 PM 11-23-2014
Poor kid.... Stupid dad.... This is going to be so hard for dcb.
daycarediva 03:26 AM 11-24-2014
I do 3 weeks/month for one family for an out of state custody situation. They pay for all 4. She just gives me a postdated check each month. We signed a new contract when this started. My daycare/rates are based on 'pay for the space'.

I would just tell Mom that, or offer it at 1/2 rate to secure the space if it isn't in your contract. It would be VERY hard to fill those remaining days!
TheGoodLife 07:08 PM 11-24-2014
Just curious, what did you end up doing?
Unregistered 07:11 PM 11-24-2014
I haven't decided on what to do yet. I probably will let him go😞
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