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PolkaTots 08:52 AM 10-30-2012
I have been planning on having our Christmas Party at Build a Bear since last month. Well, just last week I found out 2 of my full timers were leaving. One moving and leaving the day of the party, and one's mom having a baby and deciding to stay home one the week after the party was planned. I have 2 children coming to take their spots the week before the party is planned. I have 6 other daycare children I care for if I count the school agers. I am kind of upset with the ones that are leaving (as they lead me to believe they were going to be here until the end of the school year) I am sorry if this just sounds mean, but I just feel kind of awkward having the 2 leaving and the 2 new ones at this Christmas party and still spending what I was planning on spending per gift. (Especially since the 2 new ones are only temporary as they are on a waitlist for a local center) The invitation was included with last months newsletter to save the date. So everyone already knows about it. Would it be wrong to cancel the party and just give individual gifts?
crazydaycarelady 09:18 AM 10-30-2012
If you want to cancel the party then that is what I would do. You are giving PLENTY of notice.
littlemissmuffet 11:03 AM 10-30-2012
I personally would want to cancel, and so... I would.
This is one of the many reasons that I am going to end giving gifts/having parties in the new year.
itlw8 11:08 AM 10-30-2012
Just post a notice Due to major changes in enrollment the build a bear party has been canceled. We will plan something different.
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