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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>1 year old driving me crazy!
jfoglia 01:52 PM 02-23-2013
So I have a sweet little one year old who's been in my daycare since she was a newbie. never had any issues with her, happy girl, sleeps and eats well. She loves all the other kiddos and has been very social. I had a new 2 year old girl start about 3 weeks ago. She is very quiet, but super sweet and good. Ever since she started my 1 year old has been literally freaking out at everything. I cannot even describe the intensity of her screams whenever I am not holding her. If I go into the bathroom or run upstairs to get a snack for them or whatever she goes into a full fledged tantrum. She even makes herself throw up cause she gags from crying so hard. I have to sit by her when she eats and I am not allowed to touch or hold any other child. this is making me crazy and stressing everyone out. Parents are trying to help but she doesn't get held at all at home and is not displaying the behavior at home. She just wants me, all the time!! Up until now she hated being held and wanted her freedom to walk around and play. ANyone go thru anything similar? It's been 3 weeks of this!!
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