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tenderhearts 07:35 PM 05-06-2017
Are providers required by law to give a tax statement at the end of the year?

I do and I give them my EIN number, I just had a previous family tell me that the state is requiring more info from me they want me to fill out the a form and provide dates and amounts each time paid, hours their child came here?

This has never happened in my 17 yrs but seem odd.
MyAngels 07:59 AM 05-07-2017
You are not required to give out tax statements, but if they provide you with a form w-10 you are required to fill that out.

Are they on some sort of assistance program? Maybe it's something to do with that. I'd ask to see something in writing showing where it's required that you provide this info.
tenderhearts 01:07 PM 05-07-2017
That's exactly what I thought. I don't understand why the state would require me to do all of that.
She is not married to the father although they live together, so she claims her because she didn't make as much so I assume she gets more back. I don't know if there are other credits she can take that this is applying to.
tenderhearts 09:06 AM 05-11-2017
Well I finally figured out what this is. In the State or Oregon there is a new Working Family Credit and they said that some who are claiming this will be randomly selected for a manual input therefore resulting in providers having to fill out all the information and sending back up documents proving their statements. He said most likely providers will see more of this. Talk about a pain. Not that we don't already have enough to do.
They want how much rate was, hours in care, aprox how many hours per month in care, dates and amounts of payments.
sunlight 06:22 PM 05-15-2017
Tenderhearts are you by any chance in the Milwaukie area?
tenderhearts 04:37 PM 05-16-2017
No Beaverton
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