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SilverSabre25 09:02 AM 09-06-2011
How can I help him?

When I ask something like "Pick up the ball and put it in the box" or "Put your shoes by the door and then come back here" He can manage maybe one part (goes to the door but neither puts his shoes down nor comes back, or picks up the ball). I thought by 2 they could follow 2-step directions.

He seems to be having trouble identifying things --"DCB, put away train tracks!" elicits a blank stare, despite a large number of train tracks surrounding him, or "DCB, pick up that toy by your foot" gets him looking at the ceiling, the walls...everywhere but down. Or he might wander ten feet away to pick up a ball that's by the play kitchen and then bring it across the room to dump in the block box.

I've had him for a year; he's 2 yrs 5 months (as of Sept. 11).
bubby 09:44 AM 09-06-2011
I am new here but was just reading your post & smiling. I thought I was the only one with that problem. Sorry, I don't have a solution to your problem because I too am going through this on a daily basis!!!! I feel like screaming some days. I have had dcb since he was 6wks & he is the only one of my 2yr olds that doesnt seem to ever understand what I'm asking him to do. The other boys follow any & every direction I give. But my one little boy doesnt seem to have a clue. I have mentioned to mom on more than one ocassion but she she says she doesnt seem to have that problem @ home 7 that she does a lot of pointing. Even with pointing, he doesnt seem to get it. I dont know if it is a hearing problem or more (he was diagnosed with failure to thrive as an infant) It is very frustrating most days though.
SimpleMom 10:37 AM 09-06-2011
Maybe keep a log. Record at certain times of the day or maybe one time one day, another time the next day. Keep track of what he is doing, what's being asked and said, etc. The response to requests.

Sometimes, it does indicate a developmental delay, sometimes not.

Your doing the right things as far as how to help him (imho). Just keep giving him directions and showing him if he needs reminders. Keep the log. After a few months if it looks suspicious of something more, then maybe talk with his parents. (I say that lightly). I have found that talking with parents helps alert them, but that's about all. By the time they reach pre-k to Kindergarten it's more obvious and they may have other teachers letting them know something is going on. After a few different people alert them, then I find there's more action. BUT sometimes parent's take action sooner

Thanks for being such a caring and great provider for him!!
sharlan 11:42 AM 09-06-2011
I don't think I would worry too much about it right now. Some boys just mature slower than others. My 4yo was behind my 3 yo in speech and a lot of other things.

I realized that I was starting to demand less of him because of other issues that he has. Once I started giving him a bit more one on one, he started catching up and surpassing the 3 yo like he should.

My opinion, just keep talking, talking, and talking to him explaining your expectations.
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