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awestbrook713 04:35 AM 09-07-2011
I am currently looking for a few more kids to fill up my empty spots since school starts today. My rates now are $20 a full day and $10 a half day per child. I add $10 on the full date rate for each additional sibling and $5 onto the half day rate. I am going to be raising my rates at the beginning of 2012 and am wondering if it would be okay to just start charging the new familys the rates I am going to raise to. $25 a full day and $15 for half same additional fee for each sibling. I am also going to be looking for kids that will come here no less then 3 days a week. Does this sound good bad or its up to me kinda thing?
mac60 05:01 AM 09-07-2011
I would bring in new families at the new upcoming rate. I too have a 3 day minimum, I bumped it up from 2 day minimum.
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