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MommyofThree 09:11 AM 11-02-2011
Ok so im not register at all, but I am becoming register for group daycare. How do you go ahead and hire an assistant about what about taxes and how do I set up my home as a childcare home. I have a family room just for my family but my living room would be constructed to the daycare. Do you guys have photos of your space or advise. Also I need to know what its like if you live in NY about how long will it take and so forth. Thank you all so much. Oh and do you like it? And do I have to pay for their medical insurance.
awestbrook713 09:44 AM 11-02-2011
I live in new york and the whole process took me a little over 5 months. I live in a wider then normal trailor so my living room and kitchen are my main daycare areas. Having an area to dedicate to daycare would be awesome. I know some of the women on here have beautiful set ups. Good luck and hope the process goes faster for you.
Sprouts 11:53 AM 11-02-2011
here are some pics

Where in NY are you, i was actually thinking of doing some sort of provider support group or something, i am in Rockland.
Sprouts 11:56 AM 11-02-2011
I applied in February and received my lisence in about 4 months? But completing the application was a pain!

Make sure you have 2 fire exits, opposite from eachother, it can be a window as long as it can open more then 2 feet...??

this will give you all of the info u need
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