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Daycare and Taxes>Time Space Percentage Lower Than Last Year??
HappyPennie 07:56 PM 06-12-2012
I have a question about T/S percentage. My T/S% for 2011 was 42.74% according to MMK (I opened my daycare in October of 2011 so it was only a partial year). My current T/S percentage is only 28.17%. Why is it so low compared to last year? Shouldn't it be the same?
TomCopeland 08:21 AM 06-13-2012
If you worked approximately the same number of hours in a week this year as compared to last year, then your time-space % should be about the same. This also assumes you are using the same number of rooms on a regular basis for your business.

Take a closer look at what is the reason for the difference in the hours you worked from last year to this year.
HappyPennie 10:48 AM 06-13-2012
My hours are the same as they were last year and the number of rooms used is also the same. I calculated it last year by the hours children were present, not the hours my business was open which is what I am doing this year, but the percentage is different. I checked the box that said open part of 2012 to see if it would change my percentage and it did, it brought it up to 51%. So it has to have something to do with last year only being a partial year? I still don't understand why it would be different...
TomCopeland 08:12 AM 06-14-2012
Don't why there is such a great difference. Tell me the number of hours you are working per week this year and the number of square feet you are using for your business and the total square feet of your home. Also, tell me if you have any rooms used exclusively for your business.
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