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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Do You Handle B&A Schoolers Rates During Breaks?
Jodik 07:46 PM 12-19-2018
This year is my first year offering care for children in school and I am finding that I am debating with myself on how to charge for the vacation week. I asked my parent what plans were for next week as far as full days needed etc and was told they were not in need of any care next week. Do I still charge her the B&A school rates even though there is no school? On a normal week, they would pay for the spot even if they don't use it, but for some reason the fact that there is no school is throwing me off. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
sahm1225 08:41 PM 12-19-2018
I still Charge for next two weeks for B&A even if they donít come. If they DO attend (assuming I have room), then they pay a higher rate.
Indoorvoice 04:36 AM 12-20-2018
I don't allow B&A to attend at all on days off or breaks and if they have a full week off I don't charge, but if they only have a partial week I do charge the whole week.
DaveA 05:49 AM 12-20-2018
My school age rate is the same throughout the year regardless of b/a school, holidays, or breaks.
hwichlaz 09:26 AM 12-20-2018
I get paid the same, unless they need EXTRA car (aka during what would have been school hours)
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