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Unregistered 04:43 AM 12-01-2007
My child was in a home daycare setting and I had to abruptly remove him because he said the child care provider had spanked him. Would I still have to pay the provider since I did not give notice?
Bobbie 09:23 AM 12-01-2007
That is a tough question and a complicated answer. If you were going to take civil remedy, which seems unlikely, I would not pay the remainder since it might appear that you were fine with the situation. On the other hand, some states do not look at corporal punishment as an offense if it is a hand on the bottom type of spanking. If that is the case then I think your recourse would be to pay the remainder and move your child to a daycare that instructs its childcare providers to use alternative punishment.
Unregistered 07:47 AM 12-04-2007
Check with your state licensing agency. In my state there are guidelines that specifically prohibit the use of corporal punishment. If they are violating your state's licensing in this area, that may provide you guidance for termination and payment issues.

Good luck!
dilipv 08:20 PM 12-13-2007
Hi All,

If any person leave his/her job without any notice than one can easily register case against the person. But the if that person/service provider has signed the agreement, or else one can't do anything. But you can easily due the payments until new person is appointed for your work.

Thanks & Regards
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Unregistered 07:56 AM 01-23-2008
Children say things. How do you know for fact that it is true. That is the biggest problem with this job. Children learn to lie at a very young age and manipulate adults.

I am pro spanking and wish more parents were. The majority of little ones today are ill behaved, because for some crazy reason parents are afraid to discipline/spank their child.

There is a difference between spanking and abuse.

As far as payment, what does your contract say.
Unregistered 07:38 PM 02-19-2008
As the mother of a 4 year old boy and 6 year old girl I have learned that the old saying "truth is told out of the mouth of babes" is not so true. My son was playing in his bedroom one day and fell off of his rocking toy and came out to tell me that I hurt him I soon realized that anytime my son got hurt he blamed it on whoever was around him. When I began nursing school and did my child psych lab I realized that he blames things on the people around him because they did nothing to prevent his boo boo. It's a very difficult situation and it's hard to believe that your child could be construing the truth. That day I started working with my son on truth and fibs, which proved to be difficult with a 3 year old. He knows to say that he hurt himself, but he still says that "so and so made me hurt myself". It's a fine line, but allegations should always be looked into.
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