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nikia 07:52 AM 11-29-2010
I think I have said the phrase 70 times. How in the world do I get these kids to keep stuff out of their mouths? It not just the one year olds it the 3 year olds too. Its driving me insane today. Plus they all came back sick of course the parents say its just colds, but I am waiting for a few fevers to spike since one 3 year old told me, I had to have medicine cause im sick and the dad just stared at her and fumbled his way through the explanation of ummm she got some Tylenol, but I dont think she really needs it. Ugggg Monday
SilverSabre25 08:01 AM 11-29-2010
I've been working hard with all of mine on not putting things in their mouths--When I see someone with a toy in their mouth I tell them, "Remember, not in your mouth!" and hold out my hand for it. If they don't take it out or don't give it to me, I gently take it from them with another reminder about toys not going in the mouth, and the toy goes up for an unspecified amount of time (I often forget about them).

I am seeing a lot of progress with this and in a short amount of time. My three year old has almost completely broken the habit and my others (all younger) are coming along slowly.

The biggest trouble is play food and play dishes--that's harder for them to remember not to put in their mouth and we talk a lot about "not in your mouth, only pretend in your mouth" couple with modeling "pretend" eating with a very dramatic "num num num" sort of noise attached. It seems to be working; I see less and less kitchen stuff going in their mouths all the time.
CKSher 10:03 AM 11-29-2010
I also take things away if I see them in mouths. One so I can sanatize them and two so they learn that if it goes in your mouth you will no longer be able to play with it. It has been working pretty well, but I still catch it going on every once in a while.
MommyMuffin 10:11 AM 11-29-2010
I have this problem too!! It bugs me sooo much.
My 2.5 yo dcb is ALWAYS sucking his thumb or anything else and my own daughter is picking up on it. I let him do it when napping but otherwise I say "yucky" and he takes it out. But he looks at me like I am the meanest person in the world.
After I started doing that with him I dont think he likes me very much but it is just gross so I dont care.

We read a story and he is sucking his mouth, takes his thumb and finger out and then smears his hand on the page to point to something. GROSS!!!
TGT09 12:33 PM 11-29-2010
Honestly, I have a bigger problem keeping toys out of my 3 yo's mouth than I do my 2yo and 9 month old. Drives me insane!
sierrastreasures 04:52 PM 11-29-2010
I've got the same problem here as well. Even my 4 year old dcb pretends he is really eating the fake ice cream cones as well as other fake foods. If I see any of them with anything in their mouth, toys are given to me and they have to change play centers immediately.

The 2 year old has an exclusive section with his own toys. Short of closing down I was going bonkers trying to keep up with "take that out of your mouth".
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