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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas>5 Week Rotating Menu
EAP 10:06 AM 01-30-2013
Does anyone have one they are willing to share? I bored, bored, bored by our food and want to try a rotation instead of just making it up on the fly week to week like I do. I am spending way to much time on food shopping, meal planning and prep and this is my last effort before having them bring their own lunches.
Jewels 05:19 PM 01-31-2013
I don't have a 5 week butI could share mine from this week... Now I don't do any meal prep, I just make it all when its lunch.

Monday: oatmeal, blackberries, milk/water
Lunch: homemade Mac and cheese(I use there Fannie mae recipe, and use kraft triple cheddar with a touch of cream cheese) frozen organic veggie medley(I do mostly all frozen vegetables, except zucchini and sweet potatoes,carrots, spinach and tomatoes) cantaloupe, milk
Snack:kiwi, oatmeal squares cereal, water

Tuesday: whole grain waffles with pure Maple syrup, strawberries, milk/water
Lunch:whole what spaghetti with organic sauce, Parmesan, French bread, zucchini, grapes, milk/water
Snack: organic yogurt with Granola on the side, water

Wednesday: whole wheat all natural pancakes pure Maple, kiwi, milk/water
Lunch: Turkey rollups with spinach and cream cheese on whole wheat tortilla, organic lentil soup, red peppers, grapes, milk/water
Snack: carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes with lite ranch, half a Graham cracker, and the other half if you eat all veggies, water.

Thursday: eggs,, whole wheat toast(half slice) mixed black berries and rasberries, milk/water
Lunch: shrimp, brown basmatti rice, org frozen green beans, oranges, milk/water
Snack: rice cake, grapes, water

Friday: whole wheat hoemade banana muffins, strawberries & blueberries, milk/water
Lunch: winter indoor picnic, homemade lunchabes, cheddar cheese, sliced Ham(I buy the lean Jenni o Turkey Ham) sliced, whole grain crackers, carrot sticks/red peppers, apple slices. Milk/water
Snack: string cheese, oranges, water (maybe not sure yet).

I start my lunches the earliest at 10:15 to have then ready by 10:50 (my son has afternoon kindy and bus come at 11:15, I don't spend to much time, like today we had rice takes a while so at 10i quickly got it in a pan, and then went back to what I was doing with the kids, and just kept talking a break to start the next item. I feed my son first, but the other kids after he leaves) they are usually doing clean up time, I lay the 8 plates out, get everything on them, enshrine gets washed up, I set out all their plates, napkins and cups, and then they start eating, assuming my baby is still sleeping or still happy, while they east, I start cleaning the kitchen
jamiem 06:27 PM 03-22-2013
I too was tired of trying to think of meals each week. Then I started using a meal planning service for dinner and just make enough to have leftovers the next day for lunch. This works for me because I only have a family of 3 for dinner and then only serve myself and 2 one year olds at lunch so it may not work so well for someone with a larger family or daycare but its something you could look into. I am pretty sure they have meal plans for lunches too. I used a groupon and got a one year subscription which included 2 years of archives for only $25 which is about 50 cents per week! Totally worth it in my opinion. There are different ones but I use
LadyBugHugs 07:50 AM 11-16-2013
I took a look at thefresh20, I do think that is something I might do for next year. Annual membership with the archives is $54 and I really like the look of the sample menu they posted. I am hopeful the entire year is the same.
jenn 11:27 AM 11-16-2013
I know this thread was started in January, but I always love extra meal ideas!

I plan lunches based on what's on sale, so I don't have a set menu.

To make the meal planning faster, we have meal type or style assigned to each day.
Monday=sandwich/wrap (any sandwich, any roll up/wrap, club sandwich triangles, grilled sandwich...)
Tuesday=pasta & meat (spaghetti, lasagna, tuna mac & cheese,...)
Wednesday=frozen entrée (nuggets, fish sticks, pizza,...not the healthiest day, but I am gone on Wednesday AM for awhile and my helper wants quick fixes)
Thursday=finger foods (homemade lunchable, kabob,...)
Friday=bread/meat alternative (any bread, breadstick, cracker with any meat alternative like egg, peanut butter, bean,...)
TaylorTots 12:06 PM 12-28-2013
I have one if anyone wants to see it. I can't upload it here, it tells me an invalid file (just a microsoft doc). if you want it you can comment here, pm me or email requesting it.

It's nothing too fancy - a few repeats of the favorite meals the kids always want and makes an easy shopping list and quick preparation time.
melonieb 12:20 PM 12-28-2013
I do a 4 week rotating schedule.
Rachel 03:26 AM 12-30-2013
Taylor Tots I'd love to see your menu!
quirkycolors 08:41 PM 04-15-2014
I have a 10-week rotational menu. That way the kiddos can have lots of interesting foods and I have a premade menu. Less work and great benefit all around !!

I wish there was a way to attach a document to this, cause I'd attach my menu here. Dunno...
Blackcat31 09:06 PM 04-15-2014
Originally Posted by quirkycolors:
I have a 10-week rotational menu. That way the kiddos can have lots of interesting foods and I have a premade menu. Less work and great benefit all around !!

I wish there was a way to attach a document to this, cause I'd attach my menu here. Dunno...
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