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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>2 Year Molars? Any Advice?
pootmcgoot 12:44 PM 07-27-2012
She's getting in a canine and 2 molars in. 2 on one side! She's a drooling, crying mess with intermittent fevers for 2 days. She's not eating or drinking either.

I've been giving Tylenol, orajel, cold binkies and offering her food/ drinks a lot. I've even bribed her with juice and cake frosting to get something into her. I put a fleece hoodie on her because of the drool.

Any tips? She's miserable unless she's watching nemo or I'm holding her.
Blackcat31 12:49 PM 07-27-2012
No real advice but I would try Advil or any kind of ibuprofen as it is an anti-inflamatory and sometimes is a better pain reliever for some kids than Tylenol (or acetaminophen)

Hoping you (and dd) feel better soon!
Meyou 01:30 PM 07-27-2012
Awww, poor girl. I second the ibuprofen for teething if they need it. I find it works much better in most cases.

Frozen facecloth that she can chew on? Chopped frozen fruit might tempt her because its cold.
jojosmommy 03:41 PM 07-27-2012
Chewy tubes! Check them out online (google) then call your local toy stores or special needs stores. My kids love them, they get right to the back teeth.

Freeze dots of yogurt or applesauce. Kids love that. Same with frozen banana slices.
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