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SimpleMom 06:20 PM 08-18-2009
I am frustrated in general, moody, tired, easily drawn to tears...pregnant first tri. I usually take medication for a long-standing depression with which I do great with. I am trying to stay off of it for the baby's sake and it's very, very hard to do. I do find that I am a little less patient that normal (my patience is usually super good) now I have to really catch myself.

I even get more agitated. Has anyone had an experience like this while being pregnant and doing daycare full-course, full-house? I don't want to stop working, my husband would flip if I did (and seriously panic lol)... (although, the thought has crossed my mind). I honestly don't think we could pay half of our bills if I quit that's all. I didn't plan this pregnancy, but am so blessed to have another baby!!! I didn't plan to work through it or after it due to my meds and not wanting to expose the baby to them. We are three years early for that plan.

So, I need a plan B.
Anyone, have some plan B ideas?
kitkat 07:47 PM 08-18-2009
I'm sorry, I don't really have any ideas for you, but I wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy. Have you talked to the dr. that prescribed the meds? Perhaps he/she could provide you with some alternatives, medicinal or otherwise. Don't forget to cut yourself some slack though. Those 1st trimester hormones can really mess you up. I'm sure adding depression to it probably makes it 100 times worse.

The emotions you are feeling sound a lot like mine when I was pregnant. I found snacking on something really crunchy helped a little bit when I felt like I was on edge with the kids. Probably not the healthiest alternative, but I tried to keep carrots and pretzels handy to make it seem healthier. Take advantage of nap time as a time to destress. If you can afford to let someone go, that might be another alternative.

Good luck with the pregnancy. I hope you find something that will work for you!
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