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DaycareMama 09:41 AM 08-24-2011
My own dd is basically potty trained. She is 2.5 and wears diapers during sleep time only. Accident free during any a wake time.

Problem is she holds it till nap time or overnight. She does go during the day but holds alot of urine and her bms till sleep time.

I wake her up at 9am (take off overnight diaper)
Lays down for nap at 1230 (put diaper on) and she doesn't go potty at all before nap. She wakes up around 3 and we put panties on. She will sometimes go one time before bed time at 9pm.

So my question is should I eliminate the nap diaper? I know she can hold it. I just want to encourage more potty time.
Koukla 09:54 AM 08-24-2011
try it see how she does. I did the night pull ups when mine were little and i used them until i seen that they no longer were wet in the morning. it does not hurt to try. tell her now if you stay dry all night then tomorrow we can try to go to bed in our big girl panties... that might help her try too.
cheerfuldom 11:21 AM 08-24-2011
something that could make it easier is layering a waterproof pad, then sheet, then another pad, then another sheet on the bed. assume she is going to have accident and have extra clothing ready. change her real quick, remove the wet layer (one sheet, one pad) from the bed and the bed is still ready to go with that second set already there. keeps from distrupting the nap too much. man, she can hold it a long time though so hopefully naps go well. getting rid of all diapers will remove the "hold it till I have a diaper on again" situation.
DaycareMama 02:25 PM 08-24-2011
I think I will try it. Thanks for the responses. I tried the pull ups on her and she got rashes from them Both pampers and huggies

The layering idea is GREAT!! I wouldn't of thought of that
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