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lmdc 08:51 AM 11-10-2009
hi =) two concerns regarding potty training at 2 1/2 yr old dc boy is starting potty home, his mom says he does well and tells her when he has to go, and has done this consistently for several weeks now, as i require before starting at dc. he still wears a diaper at night, and comes in one in the morning as he comes really early and goes back to sleep. his mom suggested putting him back in a diaper at naptime, as well... other background information that is important is that i live in a split foyer, with the day care area in the lower level. we do, however, transition upstairs for meals/snacks but the day care bathroom is obviously still downstairs. here are my concerns:

1. mom states that while he will tell her has to go pee, he continues to poo in his pants if she does not notice him trying to go...while it is generally pretty obvious when he's trying to go poo (he usually crouches in a corner or goes off by himself and is really quiet), with 2-4 other kiddos around, 2 of which are under 2, i'm not confident that i will always be able to notice what he is doing before it is too late. and since today he was very resistant to even go near the "big potty" with me, i'm not so sure he would even go in if he was going poo...

2. my second concern is regarding the whole transition to upstairs for meals/snacks...if he is currently resisting even trying to use the potty, and yet the only bathroom for the daycare kiddos is downstairs, how does that work if he suddenly had an accident or needed to go? i've got 2 other kiddos in highchairs during the day, and obviously can't leave them unsupervised to take care of him...

so i guess my question is, given this info, does it sound like he's ready to be potty trained at dc, or should i make his mom work with him more at home and get him more consistent and comfortable with the process there first? or is this all just par for the course in potty training?

thanks for any advice!!
Unregistered 09:33 AM 11-10-2009
If he's resisting then no he's not ready to go at daycare, i also wont consider starting a child in potty training untill the child can tell me they need to go WITHOUT me asking every hour or taking them every two hours to the potty, it is unrealistic to care for the other kids when a child is being pushed into potty training if they are not ready. As for the bathroom being downstairs,if he was potty trained or was able to tell you that he has to go potty what would you do? is he able to function on his own or would you have to go with him? I'd tell dcm that although he is doing well at home with this that you are unable to give him your undivided attention and he is not training well there, i wouldnt stop with him but would let her know that he needs more time..and for them not to expect the same results they are getting at home..I have a dcg that will be one in feb, mom started potty training a month ago and says she does well, really? cuz when i've tried getting her to go here she wont and she doesnt understand when i ask if she needs to go or has gone, she doesnt care if she's soiled her diaper and cant pull up or down her own pants, my opinion is she isnt ready for training at all but dcp dont wanna pay the extra $10 a week for the kid still being in diapers..oh and the dcg just started talking about 3 weeks ago, before she had about 3 words she'd say now she is starting to use more words but does not make sentences..
DBug 10:38 AM 11-10-2009
In my books, if he's still dirtying himself if Mom doesn't notice him needing to go -- he's not trained. She is. I would require him to wear a pull-up while at my home. No way would I want to step in a "surprise" while cleaning up toys! There's just no way you can reasonably expect a daycare provider to watch a kid that closely.

That said, I believe it is par for the course during training. It's a long process and stuff like this is to be expected. But if I read your post correctly, you require kids to be totally trained before attending your dc, right? If that's the case, you may have to be very specific. Like no accidents (#1 or #2) for a number of weeks before starting.

But if you still plan on taking him, even if he isn't 100% trained, I'd definitely require him to wear a pull-up. That'll give you the extra time you need (or he needs) to get to a bathroom without leaving a trail :-)
Reply 10:52 AM 11-10-2009
I agree, he isnt potty trained, she is. when they can say, I need to go,.... and when you lead them there,..they actually go. then they are trained. Any other time it is the adult who is trained. I always tell my parents I dont push to potty learn. They will learn to potty by the time they go to prom I promise,.. or they probably wont be going to prom. I won't spend my day catching undressing, begging, dressing, and washing up a non potty learned toddler. They dont enjoy it, I dont enjoy it and the only thing learned is that I am bigger than they are and I can make them sit nekkid on the pot.
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