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PolkaTots 10:29 AM 08-14-2014
I have a 3yo DCB who comes in pull ups, but isn't quite ready for potty training. IMO children should only wear pull ups when they are just about potty trained and having less than 5 accidents a week. I require children to be accident free for 2 weeks and uses the restroom without prompts or tells me when they need to go. This particular child wets/poops 5 pull ups a day, never tells me when he does, and might go pee on the potty if I take him in there and help him. He just had the messiest poo, which was made worse in a pull up because some of it seeped out I would like this child back in diapers until he is closer to potty should I address this with the parent?
Blackcat31 10:33 AM 08-14-2014
Personally, I hate them. They are nothing more than glorified diapers.

As a provider, I don't care what a parent chooses to put on their un-trained long as they aren't peeing on my floors

I think it takes longer to potty train a child who uses pull ups during the process but since I only support and assist parents while THEY train their child, I don't dictate what they can and can't use.
Cat Herder 10:41 AM 08-14-2014
Team "Hate 'Em"

They are leaky, more expensive and make diaper changes harder.

You can point out to the parent how much more they cost, how much more dirty laundry they create and let them know you prefer the diapers.
spinnymarie 10:44 AM 08-14-2014
A+ for pull-ups for bed-wetters that are already potty trained and can put them on and take them off themselves. NO to pulls-up any other time. They are diapers. And hard to change.
melilley 10:45 AM 08-14-2014
Imo pullups are a waste of money until they can pull them up and down themselves and if they actually go potty. However, I don't mind if they wear them before they are ready, as long as they are the kind that you can rip on the sides. I do tell parents that I think they are a waste of money until they are almost potty trained, but I leave it up to them whether or not they want their child to use them.
Second Home 10:58 AM 08-14-2014
I don't mind them for kids who are training and have the idea of when they need to go and are able to ask/tell me .Or for the child who only has accidents during nap time . But to just put a child in pull-ups who has no idea about using the potty is pointless and a waste of money .
Margarete 11:02 AM 08-14-2014
For my own daughter I had less leak issues with the pampers pull ups then I did the regular pampers (just how they fit on her).
For removing them you just tear the sides, clean up the same as needed.... and then have them stand up to step into the pull ups. To me it seemed just as easy if not easier then regular diapers.
TheGoodLife 11:08 AM 08-14-2014
I don't care about the cost of either, the hassle, or anything else. That's the parent's prerogative. It's only a provider problem IF they are leaking body fluids- which in this case they are (even sporadically). I'd just let them know that due to that sanitary issue, they need to provide diapers at this time.
Crazy8 11:24 AM 08-14-2014
I will allow them for a child who is 90% potty trained but may have that occasional accident their first few days back (I strongly encourage parents to take a few days off or a long weekend to do a potty training boot camp) and then will allow them for naps. If they are using it as a diaper - no way, back to diapers, pull ups are not absorbent enough and changing a poopy one is horrible!!

I would approach the parent with why they are using them and where they are on the potty training (even though you already know the answer) and then I would inform them that they need to be wearing diapers at daycare until ________ (and insert your terms/policy for potty training readiness).
EntropyControlSpecialist 11:39 AM 08-14-2014
Children that are regularly going potty in the potty I LOVE them for!!! It is so much more of a pain in the neck for me to do a diaper than it is for them to pull the pull-up up and down themselves. For the record, though, I HATE Pull-Up brand pull-ups. I like Pampers Easy-Ups. They hold more, if they go, and they don't rip on the sides when they are aggressively forcing them up.

If they are pooping in a pull-up regularly and it is REALLY hit or miss going pee in the potty then I don't like them and I tell the parents to bring in diapers for the kiddo. Otherwise it is super difficult to deal with.

I currently have one kid in each category mentioned above.
crazydaycarelady 12:24 PM 08-14-2014
Also on Team Hate 'Em! Kids pee in them and it is no different of a feeling than a diaper. It doesn't each them a thing!
KiddieCahoots 02:17 PM 08-14-2014
Team "hate em" too.
Too leaky for urine, too messy for poop.
Why bother if they act like a diaper anyway?
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