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My Lil' Monkeys 04:51 AM 03-28-2011
So, I've had a couple of great weeks with daycare until today. Last week I had a child have an accident on Monday.. because this child has had so many accidents I informed dcd that the rest of the week the child will be in a pull-up. So, Tues dcd walks in and he informs me that "the reason child had in accident in their pants because the child coughed and had their shoes and coat on". Now, this child has an in accident at least 1 a week... and I'm done cleaning them up. So, once she walked in I ask this child to go potty and put on a pull-up on. I took my dcks out to the park and library that day. The child gets picked up early and was back in underwear for pick up. Well, I got a text from dcd that the child will not be back on Weds, Thur or Fri. Didn't say why, but that the child wouldn't be back... ok... so today... dcm drops off.. informs me that Grandpa told her that the child was NOT to come back to my house. Seriously! I treat this child like my own! Weds is this child's last day.. because I gave them a raise increase and they couldn't afford me anymore. I knew the change was coming ... but what upsets me is that Grandpa doesn't even know me and has never been to my house!

Are they that upset because I won't allow the child to just stand/sit and pee everywhere?! Both parents say they don't have accidents with this child... well I've had dcm walk in and talk about accidents! Ugh...great start to a week.
SilverSabre25 04:55 AM 03-28-2011
Deep breath, eat something chocolate, and sit down to type up a new ad for the spot while thinking of how nice it will be to not have to deal with the accidents or the troublesome parents anymore!
Meyou 04:58 AM 03-28-2011
I'd say the accidents gave them an excuse to blame you for leaving care. When really they just didn't want to pay the price increase. I've never had a problem with parents complaining when the pullups are preventing urine puddles all over where their children play.
ninosqueridos 05:15 AM 03-28-2011
Good riddance PITA family.
Reply 05:19 AM 03-28-2011
Some people love to complain about their daycare provider..but when it comes time to pay a fair price for good care, the same people are the first to drop out.
Danielle 05:55 AM 03-28-2011
((hugs)) Sounds like they were looking for a reason to leave. I so understand the emotions you're going through. I had a similar thing last week. Having a family drop sucks but when it's a family that's been a's really a blessing in disguise.
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