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laundrymom 07:29 PM 12-08-2011
For those who brush teeth, exactly what is your routine? Rules, etc? I'm thinking of starting.
sharlan 07:31 PM 12-08-2011
We brush teeth after breakfast. I give them their toothbrushes with a dot of toothpaste and let them brush their teeth. Then I use another dot and brush their teeth again.
laundrymom 07:44 PM 12-08-2011
What age do you start? Do you dot the toothpaste on a papertowels or something? I'm a total germ phobe. How do you store the brushes?
spud912 08:09 PM 12-08-2011
I do my routine after lunch and after everyone has been changed or gone potty and washed their hands. I give everyone a toothbrush with non-fluoridated toothpaste (fluoridated if they can spit well). I let them do their thing with the toothbrush as I go from one child to the next brushing for them. Once I've assisted all of the children, I take the toothbrushes, rinse them off and put them away. Then it's off to story time and nap time!

Each child has their own toothbrush and toothpaste. The toothbrushes are stored in ziploc baggies (on which I write their name and the date the toothbrush is good until ~6 months from the time received).

I start as soon as the child has teeth and shows interest. For example, my 12 month old dd does the routine but my 12 month old dcg does not care to try. I figure once they hit the age where they can follow directions well is the age in which I would require them to participate.
sharlan 08:42 PM 12-08-2011
I buy the little toothbrush caps at WalMart. Each has their own toothpaste, non-flouride for the littles.
Michelle 08:59 PM 12-08-2011
I have this ..

And we brush their teeth after lunch and before nap.
Lianne 06:19 AM 12-09-2011
We brush teeth after lunchtime. We don't use toothpaste and brush at the table. Each child has a toothbrush and case supplied by the city's health unit for free. Every few months we walk up to the health ubit and they give the kids new toothbrushes.
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