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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Need help/Advice!!!
Kisha1128 01:35 PM 01-26-2015
Okay, first of all. My name is Kisha, im 25 yrs old with 3 amazing kiddos. We live in a medium sized town close to a military base in GA. There is no daycare here in town (Just a few people babysitting out of their house). There used to be a daycare here in town though but it just down due to the owner having family problems at home. When it was opened, they stayed so busy that there was always a waiting list. My question is, how would I go about reopening the daycare if I were to purchase the building. I have never ran a daycare before but have been around kids my entire life. THis town is in desperate need of a daycare! Not sure of the number of babies or young toddlers but I do know that in my daughters Kindergarten class last year, there was 15 classes filled with 21 students each. That is ALOT of kids!!
Thriftylady 02:45 PM 01-26-2015
Well I am not sure how to answer that. I have always been a home provider, and the regulations are different in most states for a center. But we do have some people who run centers here that can answer you better. Welcome to the forum. I have been out awhile due to computer issues and life but popped in today! I have been struggling to reopen my home daycare for several months.
AmyKidsCo 06:26 PM 01-26-2015
Look into the regulations for your state and see if there's a child care resource/referral to help out. IMO you should also take some classes on child development, business administration, etc.
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