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Unregistered 06:07 AM 05-18-2016
I'm 5 months pregnant with my 2nd child and have been trying to open my own daycare for 3 years, before my first was born.

We FINALLY just bought a house and are fixing it up a bit before I begin. For after delivery, we plan on either having daddy stay home from work 6-8 weeks to help me out or hiring 1-2 people to work to help me while daddy works.

Is this a good idea or will customers not like that? Trying to plan financially....
finsup 06:21 AM 05-18-2016
If you can, I'd open after you have the baby. I know when I was interviewing while pregnant it was really tricky to get people to sign on. Especially when they know just how often prenatal appointments happen towards the end. One family signed on then left a month later due to all the appointments (fruesterating as they were told about it but that's another story.) It's tough for parents to trust you're going to come back after the baby is born too. Not saying it's impossible, but I would spend this time getting ready etc. Then start advertising for a fall opening.
If you can pay 1-2 people before you have daycare kids, that could make getting families easier as parents would see you have other people working with you to help cover everything. But paying people before you are generating income isn't always possible.
EntropyControlSpecialist 10:22 AM 05-18-2016
If you have someone to cover you while you're at appointments I'd say it is totally possible to still open asap.

I filled up a good number of spots while I was hugely pregnant and some even began the week before I delivered. It wasn't an issue at all but I stressed about it a lot.
LittleScholars 11:29 AM 05-18-2016
I opened almost 6 months ago, and I told families I was trying to start a family. I shared that I would do my very best to find a reliable back up, but that I had not found a substitute yet. I was completely full and had a huge waiting list within a month or two (there is a very high demand for home daycare in my area). Since opening, I was able to find two substitutes that are currently going through the licensing process. Parents haven't met them yet, but they seem to trust that I wouldn't leave the children, my business, or my home to someone I didn't fully trust. It was super hectic, but it is working out totally fine.

I will say, the last five months have been super busy, and I don't think I would have wanted to do any of that pregnant. So, I agree, that if you can wait to start it might be very worth it; however, I think it can absolutely be done if you secure substitutes.
Unregistered 01:12 PM 05-29-2016
Thanks! Any other suggestions? Do you think parents would be ok with daddy filling in? Or should I def hire people?
KiwiKids 02:57 PM 05-29-2016
My husband was my helper after 3 of my 4 babies and the parents were fine with it. The kids and parents all love him anyway.
Unregistered 08:38 PM 06-05-2016
I live in philly I am looking for a partner. I started fixing the daycare after my original partner got sick. If interested please respond.
thrivingchildcarecom 10:47 AM 06-06-2016
Wow! That's a lot to take on. But I would say maybe try to do a combination of both; dad & extra help. Maybe dad can help you with your kids and extra help can handle the enrolled kids. I don't think parents will be turned off, because they will be able to see you have all of your bases covered and are even going over and above to ensure a quality child care setting.
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