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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Opening DC earlier than I want :(
Max 06:13 AM 11-04-2016
Ugh.. So my current employer is outsourcing my job right before my baby is due in February... I had planned to use my paid maternity leave to do majority of DC set up, which would include new concrete steps/sidewalks, grading/landscaping, and fencing, and then open at the beginning of summer.

Now I have to open several months earlier and likely won't have any of this work done (it'll be too cold).

I'm worried enrollment will be hard b/c for 1) my front yard looks like poo - we just bought our home, its older, and has needed some TLC and 2) I have to sell parents on the idea that if they stick this out with me (waiting for the construction to get done) that it will be a great play area.

I don't have an acceptable back yard to use in the mean time. I have a giant side yard that's down a large hill but we won't be able to use it til summer time. We already have our concrete guy lined up so no issue there. We live on a 50 mph road so fencing will be a must - my licensor said I can maybe use temp fencing til I can install a permanent one but that might be a turn off for parents..

FWIW - I know I might be complaining to the wrong group here since I've read that some DC moms-to-be only take a week or two off work (you guys are super woman!)... I guess it just stinks that majority of my pregnancy I've planned on having this leave and now they're just taking it away.

I guess more of a vent than anything else but any ideas on how to approach this with new families would be more than welcome
AmyKidsCo 07:26 AM 11-04-2016
That stinks!!

I don't know what the norm is in your area, but I've had "temporary" fencing since 1999. I had the green plastic coated wire fencing until this past summer when we switched to a plastic mesh. None of my parents have had a problem with either fence.
Snowmom 07:36 AM 11-04-2016
Sorry! It bites when things don't work out like we planned.

As a fellow Minnesotan, I don't think it'll be as much of an issue as you might think it'll be.

Everything in MN looks like poo February-May!

Plus, Eagan is a pretty high-demand area as far as daycare needs go.
You'll be able to fill your younger spots without much of an issue. The preschool spots will probably take a bit longer.
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