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BrightBeginnings2014 01:03 PM 05-02-2019

I was wondering if you have the kids brush their teeth at your schools? If so, how do you store their supplies?

Cat Herder 01:53 PM 05-02-2019
I store them in pencil boxes in their own cubby, labeled with their names.
BrightBeginnings2014 02:26 PM 05-02-2019
do you supply the pencil box or ask the parents?
Do you find that they get moldy though with them being wet or do you dry them off each time after use?
Cat Herder 02:56 PM 05-02-2019
I rinse them in hot water and dry on separate paper towels during naptime, returning to boxes and cubbies before afternoon restroom breaks. I also provide both the boxes and the brushes so I can replace (1st of each month, and after illness) and maintain as I choose (bleach rinse boxes before putting in the replacemet brush). I buy in bulk, $14 for 144.

Pencil cases from the $1 store. They do sell online, too.

I provide everything but a spare set of street clothes, here, as I only keep 6 kids, total. I find it easier to include in my tuition rate everything that effects my day.
LITTLESTARS 03:06 PM 05-02-2019
This is how i store mine
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flying_babyb 05:46 PM 05-02-2019
Those see through divided plastic tackle boxes. Each kid get a section. You drill a few holes in each section to facilitate drying. Also works well cause these are dishwasher safe, so we throw them in a soap free (set on hot) load once a week for a quick bath!
284878 09:17 AM 05-03-2019
Originally Posted by LITTLESTARS:
This is how i store mine
interesting, I see labels on the brushes, what do they say? Any trouble with the labels falling off?

Trying to find a way to label; mine.
LITTLESTARS 02:03 PM 05-03-2019
I use the Brother P-Touch labeling machine . I haven't had any problem with the labels their waterproof I even use them to label plates, cups, bottles, spoon etc. the toothbrushes have the dates the brushes are replaced for new ones and kids initials. I do use disposable cups for rinsing , the toothpaste parents supply both brushes and toothpaste which are labeled as well. the toothbrush hold I got on Amazon a little $$ but worth and durable and fits just right in my whole set up . its more expensive now then when I bought it, but ill attach an alternate more frugal version her for only 10$
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