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ZionsMama 09:40 AM 04-05-2016
Hi ladies (and gents!)

My renewal for my 2nd year is approaching in a few months and I need to complete 1 CEU (10 clock hours) by June. I'd like to get started now and work on them during naps and evenings while my DH is still working. Every website I find that offers them seem real fishy and unorganized.

Couldn't find any links or pages on here for care courses. Can anyone point me to a good direction?

P.S. I'd like to go cheap as possible, tight budget! DH's powersports shop got broken into a few weeks back and they stole 2 dirt bikes from us. 4K into the hole
KSDC 11:14 AM 04-05-2016
Ask your local daycare surveyor if they have a list of organizations that provide on-line CEU's. I don't know about Florida, but my state only accepts courses that are through approved organizations.
Cat Herder 11:17 AM 04-05-2016

is your site.
DaveA 11:43 AM 04-05-2016
Care Courses website. This is who I use for online training.
bubblegum 03:23 PM 04-05-2016

These are accepted in Oregon
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