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Retiredchild 06:07 PM 08-11-2017
One of the children I've watched since he was a a few weeks old said the person who was watching him (a family member) spanked him (he had a bad bruise and she just said he fell down) I've known the family for a long time and although I just wanted to call the parents and let them know I thought (still unsure if I had to?) call the child abuse hotline and tell them. It turned into a huge thing- a case worker and a police officer came to talk with the child and they're still unsure about what happened... I just feel horrible, I'm sure I did the right thing but I've known him all his life and I really don't think they'll be bringing him back. I'm the only one he told that he was spanked to- he just said "I don't know" when anyone else that asked. I'm just starting to think this all might be too much and that I can't have an inhome daycare anymore.

Anyone go through similar situations? Or does stuff like this normally happen a lot?

I just don't know who to talk to about all of this.
Michael 08:34 PM 08-11-2017
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Cat Herder 06:57 AM 08-12-2017
Have you taken any child abuse recognition training? If not I'd recommend it. They are usually free and offer invaluable insight into what is and is not considered abuse and the recommended course of action to take. It may help you restore your confidence and allow you to ask questions of the actual caseworkers in your area. Your CCR&R should have a list of available times and classes. Some are even online, but an in person one is so much better for this topic in particular.
renodeb 10:18 AM 08-18-2017
Where I live I have to take a class for that, I think every 3 years. If you suspect abuse it's your job to report. Let them sort it out.
KiddieCahoots 05:33 PM 08-18-2017
Had a child in my care starting at 3 months of age. When he was 10 months old, his aunt came to pick him up with court papers stating she had full custody and I was not allowed, under any circumstances, to allow the child to see mom. This was due to mom being an alcoholic. I was shocked! Auntie explained that mom had been in and out of rehab for 6 months. I am a very observant person and have learned to notice the very minuscule with parents, but did not notice a thing with this mom. Auntie explained that mom had learned to cover her tracks very well. My point....we are never really sure of what happens behind closed doors. When you see the obvious, it is our job to report. You did the right thing, don't second guess yourself.
Mom2Two 10:15 PM 08-19-2017
I'm assuming that he was seen by a medical person. Doctors can tell the difference between injuries from accidents and those from abuse.

Did you take a photo yourself by chance? I think I would have taken a photo before I called anyone.
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