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Daycaremommy2020 09:49 PM 12-31-2020
Hello, I am new to this forum and new to the daycare world.
There is a situation at my current daycare and Iím not sure what to expect moving forward, Iím hoping maybe someone will have some answers.
Licensing came in and stated there had been a report made by a former employee that there were children being spanked at the daycare. Licensing spoke with the children involved and then spoke to the teachers involved. Long story short the children agreed with the accusations being made. ( note these are school aged children 1st/2nd graders)
I am in the infant room and donít have much interaction with any of the other children so I donít know whether the accusations being made are true or not.
My questions are 1.what happens to the teacher this involves
2.would you continue to work there or leave since the assistant director was supposedly also one of the accused people of spanking children.
Iím very conflicted on how I feel and what I should do since I donít know whether the accusations are true or not.
Cat Herder 06:34 AM 01-01-2021
Personally, unless I witnessed it, I would await the results of the investigation.

I was once accused of leaving the kids outside unattended. They said one of the older kids was picking up infants and "bossing" the toddlers around. I don't keep school aged kids. I was that "older" child. I am simply petite (short ) and the package delivery person had a chip on their shoulder from a complaint we filed about the ruts in our lawn. Luckily, my inspector lived local and was able to drive by that morning to see me out there for herself so no report was ever filed.

Not all reports are valid. Especially those of slighted ex-employees and parents who were told NO.
Josiegirl 01:13 PM 01-01-2021
And even if the children are 1st/2nd graders, you can't count on 100% truth.
I'd definitely do the 'wait and see' approach before I sacrificed my job. Good luck!

Just wanted to add: These children may well be telling the truth but they might also have been intimidated into saying what the licensors wanted to hear. KWIM?
Annalee 04:45 PM 01-01-2021
Yes, CH and Josie!

Years ago, dcg3 told her mom I locked her in the bathroom and their pediatrician supposedly told them if dcg said it three times it was TRUE

Any way I sent the grandma and mother to my bathroom and said "look at that door and then try to lock it"....of course, it would NOT lock plus the turn knob could have been turned by dcg3 even if it could have been locked.

I was also keeping the cousin/dcb3. I terminated both families on the spot. Dcb3 family was really upset but they shouldn't have got in on such a "not true" issue.

You trust me or you don' simple as that!!!!!
Sunshine69 02:45 PM 01-04-2021
I would also wait for the results of the investigation before I made any decisions.

I was investigated for leaving the kids alone inside while I was outside. When the investigators showed, they went through all my sign-in forms and could find nothing to substantiate the report. I was indeed outside at the time of the report, monitoring my ex-spouse while he removed his things from the garage. My assistant was inside with the children.

It just so happened that I was expecting the investigators. My ex had forgotten that heíd been having his messages forwarded to me prior to our split and he never changed that. When the investigators and licensor showed, I had copies of the conversations he had with his girlfriend, at the time, that she had made the report claiming to be a neighbor. She lived seven states and more than a thousand miles south of me.

The following week the investigators were back, without the licensor, investigating the same claim by another reporter. I had copies of that conversation between ex and his friend he got to make the report for him. The licensor was so fed up the first time, he told the investigators he wasnít concerned and wasnít going to waste another trip out to see me.

Itís a shame the system to protect abused children is abused to harass caregivers, but itís pretty common.
Dohare81 08:20 AM 01-07-2021
Once the trust is lost with the parents, they are terminated. You will walk around on egg shells and that is not healthy.
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