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KatieNK 10:26 AM 07-12-2011
I'm still working on my preschool plans but I do have a question about my own littles that I am hoping you can help me with! My DD who is 22 months loves to throw stuff everywhere! She even does it with a little flair, tossing it over her shoulder, pausing, and doing it again with the next toy. If you tell her no, she does it more (and starts to get mad about it). It's just a game to her but it drives me nuts! I don't even have all THAT many toys around, because I try to rotate them and keep it simple. But I do have a few small baskets with small toys inside (like right now one is a basket of little people, one is a basket of wooden food that sticks together and another has small baby toys for DD2) and it is all that little stuff that she goes for. It drives me nuts! Tiny toys everywhere!!!!!! Not to mention the puzzle pieces (which I only get 2-3 out a day) and books! Do I just have too much? It doesn't even seem like that much at all! But when it is all over the family room floor it sure is! Help!
cheerfuldom 11:00 AM 07-12-2011
make her clean up her messes, that is cutting down the toy throwing for my almost 2 year old
Zoe 12:07 PM 07-12-2011
I agree with pp. Also, could you make a bean bag toss game or get a small soft basketball hoop and ball for her to play with? That might help her see the difference in throwing toys.
Michael 03:09 PM 07-12-2011
Here are several "Throwing Toys" threads:
Christian Mother 03:26 PM 07-12-2011
Normally what helps for me is telling the child that we don't throw our toys. We play with them nicely on the floor and ashually get down with them and playing. It seems like they get frustrated easily so then the toys get thrown. After the 2nd or 3rd toys gets thrown I ask the child to go and pick it up and put it away as we will not be playing with that toy again today. Let them know if they don't play nicely it gets put up. They learn quickly how to play nicely with toys.
KatieNK 11:39 AM 07-19-2011
Thanks everyone!
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