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Unregistered 07:40 AM 08-11-2011
good morning. I don't wan't to share my name right now but I am a registered user. Two of my daycare kids (not related) have told me that their parents plan to pull them once school starts (one is 9 and one is 10) so they can stay home before and after school. One of the parents did ask me if they took the kid out of care, could he just come back on no-school days or if they decided he wasn't mature enough to handle staying home alone. I told them I would fill the spot as soon as they gave notice. I have a large waiting list.

They told me to think about it and get back to them. I cannot afford to hold spots for kids who might need me (and at no cost to the parent). The thing about this family, I cut them a deal and averaged out their payments for the year for their two kids so summer would be easier on them (I charge more in summer normally) and now the one kid might leave so I have shot myself in the foot because the other kid has this hugely discounted rate). The other boy (the 10 year old) tried a trial run at home (while parents paid to hold spot). He didn't last long at home and was back to daycare within about 10 days. I don't think either of these kids are ready to stay home but that is not my decision, it is the parents.

So, what I'm wondering, should I send home a reminder of my termination policy....Two weeks notice with payment for two weeks since school is going to start soon? Parent number 2 hasn't told me this is going to happen for sure...but the kids usually knows all that is going on and is the one who informed yesterday. I would rather know ahead of time so I can get the next kids enrolled and here at the start of school so they are in our routine from the start.

Sorry so long!
Thanks for your ideas!

laundrymom 07:51 AM 08-11-2011
I would go thru your waiting list and see who needs care, let them know you may be having an opening come up and wanted to give heads up to your waiting list kids. Then when parents tell you, fill the spot.
familyschoolcare 07:58 AM 08-11-2011
If they term one or more of the children then they will have to sign a new contract, (even if it is only for next summer) if they want to return (if you have an opening). At that time you can/should readjust the rate and if/when they say but it used to be remind them of the deal they where getting.
safechner 08:52 AM 08-11-2011
Those kids are too young to stay home alone. I have almost 9 and 10 years old and I would never leave them home alone at all. You will need to find out what ages in your state that allow children to stay home alone and give to the parents. In Texas, we are not allowed them to stay home alone under 13 years old which I think it is reasonable. The parents are very idiot that they might want to save $$$ on daycare expense.

If I were me, I would make them to pay full rates for holding spots and I am not going waste on them if they can't make up their mind and lost my income for no reason. I would tell her that you need to know now and give her your reminder of termination policy in person.
MarinaVanessa 10:01 AM 08-11-2011
CA doesn't have a set age but the "recommended" age is 10 years old. I don't know if I would write something up for them but I would deffinetely talk to them in person and ask if they've made a decision yet? If they havn't come to a decision yet then I would remind them about the policy
"Ok, well just remember that if you decide to have him stay home instead of coming to daycare you just need to give me a two-weeks' notice so that I can be prepared. If that's what you decide I'd like to have someone start the Monday after your last day".

You can recommend having them try it out first like the other family did. This is the best time to try it because school is starting soon.

If they decided to have him stay home, again I would remind them about the policy. And if they decided not to have him stay home then there's no worries and nothing for you to do. I don't think they are wasting anyone's time. If they decide to terminate they have to give you a 2-week termination notice and until that happens I wouldn't assume that they were really leaving. I think that a lot of times something sounds good on paper but when it's time to do it and they try it out for real it ends up a lot more work than it's worth.

Personally I'd be worried about what my kid will be doing while I'm at work if he's by himself. Is he getting into everything, is he making a mess, is he playing video games all day, has he even started his homework yet, are all of his friends over and are they destroying my furniture, is he going to try to start a fire, is he eating every edible item in my house at this very moment etc. These are things that I would be worried about anyway lol.

Good luck.
mom2many 10:49 AM 08-11-2011
I have had many parents over the years decide that their 10 & 11 year olds are old enough to stay at home by themselves and questioned it myself. I never wanted my own kids home by themselves all day or even before/after school for that matter! This can be an age where peer pressure and bad choices lead a child down a wrong path!

However, that said...every parent must decide what is best for their family & child. I would remind the parents about your term policy, so you can prepare to fill their spots. I totally agree with you on getting new kids enrolled when school starts up. I would do the same thing!

As far as taking them back in as drop in for vacations, I would charge them top dollar for this service. This is what I have done for years and feel it is only fair. I charge $10 more a day for school aged kids that don't come on a regular basis.

Good Luck!
Blackcat31 02:27 PM 08-11-2011
OP, what state are you located in. In my state I am only licensed to take kids up to age 10. So if this 10 year old were in my care, he would not count in my licensing capacity....see where I am going?

Otherwise, I would expect a two weeks notice for withdraweing from your care as outlined in your contract and I would also have no qualms about telling the family you gave the big discount to that rates will be different if they pull the older child out since the only reason you discounted in the forst place was because the kids were both staying. (Or did I misinterpret that situation?)

If these parents decide to pull their children. I would fill the space and let their decision be their problem. If they call you back later asking fo rthe space, tell then they left it so you filled it. I can't imagine why they would assume that you will just be available whenever...(of course I have been in this business waaay too long to believe I actually just said that! )

When they do bring this up to you, I would think it would be an excellent opportunity to speak with them about their full intentions at that time. Will it be a trial run? (they need to pay to hold space) will it be a permanent change? (then fill your spot).

I wouldn't base any decisions of what a 10 year old tells me...although I have learned alot that way too!! LOL!!
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