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sharlan 08:17 AM 03-13-2012
Actually, she gave no notice until I presented her with a copy of her contract. Grandma brought kids 30 mins later.

I knew this situation wouldn't last long because she only works PT and I'm sure she paid me more than she makes. I'm sad because I really like the kids.
MarinaVanessa 08:21 AM 03-13-2012
Well the good thing is that you used your backbone and brought up the 2 week notice thing. Maybe I'm late in the game but did she just decide not to take DCK's to you and not call? Did you end up having to call her to ask?
sharlan 09:11 AM 03-13-2012
She called 45 mins after I expected the kids to say they weren't coming anymore. Absolutely no warning. I reminded her of her contract. She came by to pay me and said Grandma would be bringing the kids.
MarinaVanessa 09:23 AM 03-13-2012
Wow, that's awful. I'd probably want to talk to her at pick-up today. Chances are that she'll still give you notice KWIM? At least I'd want to know why she was no longer going to bring the kids and why she would give me no notice. She may end up giving you a 2 week notice anyway, you never know. KUP.
wdmmom 09:28 AM 03-13-2012
I think some parents fear obligation. Essentially, that is what a contract is.

They want what they want and usually that is FREE or CHEAP or a DEAL. If none of those applied, that explains why she bolted.
sharlan 09:33 AM 03-13-2012
She ended up giving me two week notice. She said that her MIL lived closer and she was going to watch the kids. I live about 1 1/2 miles straight down the street from her so I know that's not the reason. I knew from the beginning that she probably couldn't afford daycare.
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