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Buxterboo 03:07 PM 06-10-2012
I am new here and just wanted to say hello!
This is my first time tyring to start a child care center in my home. (is it called 'center'?). I do have a background with children tho. I was a sitter (more like nanny) for a family during highschool, 20ish hrs a week. And also working pediatrics in a hospital.
Does any one have any "must have" info for a newbie like me? I am getting training through the air force family child care program, so im sure that will be very helpful as well.
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
Michael 03:09 PM 06-10-2012
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.

Naming your business would depend on your state's standards. Please see:
Buxterboo 03:20 PM 06-10-2012
Thank you! I am actually geting licensed through the Air Force and they have their own inspection/eduaction and other requirements. I am starting the education hours tomorrow and will ask my POC if it is required for me to also be licensed through the state. (My business is located on a military installation, and sereves only military/DOD affiliated families). Thanks for bringing up the issue of sates standards as well. I want to make sure i am doing things "by the book", as my husband would say
Blackcat31 04:31 PM 06-10-2012
Welcome to the forum!

We are a very diverse but friendly group!
Breezy 05:40 PM 06-10-2012
Hi! I am in Arizona too. My hubby is in the AF. Are you guys at DM?
Buxterboo 12:58 AM 06-12-2012
Im at Luke
Im glad to "meet" you guys! haha everybody seems very supportive on here. I like it!
B Lou 05:45 AM 06-12-2012
Welcome to the world of out of our mind people. We will be glad to help and give advice any way we can.
CheekyChick 05:49 AM 06-12-2012
Meeko 07:40 AM 06-12-2012
Welcome! I started out on a an Air Force base too...close to 27 years ago! Do you still have to have the full mental eval each year?!!! I used to say I must be nuts to do this in the first place!!
GoodKarma 12:25 PM 06-12-2012
I started out with the Army! I did licensed care on 3 bases. There are a lot of things I miss about the military.
PeaceAndSpirit 12:25 PM 06-12-2012
I am new also, and this forum really helped me.
Hope it does the same for you.

Have an amazing day!
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