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SunflowerMama 12:20 PM 07-02-2010
So I have a full-time rate of $150 and part-time is $100. In my contract I have it state that part-time is care up to 3 days a week and the full-time rate is 4/5 days a week.

But I don't have anything stated about the number of hours per day that constitutes a full day.

I have someone interested in care 5 days a week for her 3 year old but it's only going to be 3-4 hours day. He will be in speech therapy with the school system the rest of the day.

What would you charge her? Full-time, part-time?? I'm thinking maybe something in between the 2 rates because even though it's only a few hours a week it's still every day and depending on the times he is here I may have to purchase funshine supplies for him since he will be participating in the preschool portion.
Golden Rule 12:25 PM 07-02-2010
Taking up a spot 5 days a week is full-time.
mac60 12:28 PM 07-02-2010
I agree with Golden Rule on this, but, I know it wouldn't go in my area.
fctjc1979 12:29 PM 07-02-2010
Situations like that is one of the reason that I chose to give parents three rates to choose from.
Hourly 4.00/hr
Daily 30.00/day 9 hour max anything over will be charged hourly
Full time 135.00/week - up to 45 hours per week anything over will be charged hourly

I don't try to stay full though. If you need or want to stay full, I would charge a full time rate because the child will be there all five days which takes up one of your slots all five days.
momma2girls 12:33 PM 07-02-2010
This is kind of the same situation as preschool. I have had children leave my house, to go to preschool for 3-4 hrs. of the day. I used to be nice about 4 yrs. ago, and charge them 1/2, but not any longer!! THey are charged fulltime price, regardless if they are leaving for a program, preschool, etc.
misol 12:49 PM 07-02-2010
If they are there every day, I would charge full time since it will be near impossible to get another kid for the 1/2 day spot.
nannyde 01:04 PM 07-02-2010
It depends on when the three/four hours are. If they are in the morning then they are using prime awake hours every day and only having the kid leave before nap when they wouldn't be up anyway. The three/four hours will turn into four every day. When they give a range it almost always ends up being the max time they said every day.

If he just comes and naps with an hour up a day then maybe I would do a lower rate IF I had an opening and wanted some money rather than none. I would NOT give four hours of direct care and have them leave for nap time for a discounted rate.
Janet 01:19 PM 07-02-2010
IF AND ONLY IF the hours of care fall under the hours that work best for my schedule. If the hours can fit in with taking the place of completing a day for another part time child, then I can negotiate the price. I can also work with the hours as long as they fall on a day that is not busy or if the hours are during the morning and pick up is by noon. I don't negotiate on price for hours that are mid morning and pick up would be during nap or after nap because the odds that a kid being dropped off at 10 or 11AM being ready to nap at 12:45pm are slim to none and slim already left the building!!! I would charge the whole daily rate for that, and with any luck, the parents would just bring the kid early since they'd be paying the daily rate anyway. It's probably better for everyone if they! I actually charge more if the hours fall outside of my core hours, so if a person needed daycare from like 4PM to 8PM, it would cost them much more than a person needing care from 8AM-12PM would pay. My time is money!!! I won't even consider providing care for a person who needs care that would require them to drop off during nap time. The kid could be the calmest child in the world, and I would still not do it because drop offs are usually pretty loud (as are pick ups) and sometimes its the parents who are the loud ones. My advice would be to consider the times that the kids are dropped off and picked up and then charge accordingly. Good luck!!!
Crystal 01:33 PM 07-02-2010
Here's how I charge:

Over 20 hours per week: $160 per week (just raised from $150)
Under 20 hours per week: $130 per week (just raised from $120)
Preschool only from 9-12: $25 per day or $100 for the whole week.

In your situation, I would charge the part time rate.
melissa ann 03:55 PM 07-02-2010
I charge a daily rate, no matter how many hours. Some days I only have the kids 3 hours/day and they pay the same as if they are here 11 hrs.
alyssyn 09:24 PM 07-02-2010
I agree with the other posters, 5 days a week would be full-time.
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