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HappyPennie 04:25 PM 07-07-2013
I know there are already a ton of posts on rates and that but I don't really have the time to go searching through them all. I currently charge a flat daily rate and require a minimum of 3 days. So if they only come 2 days they still pay for 3. I don't have a part time rate or system because I really don't want to have part time families- I'd prefer to have full time. However, I've been tossing around the thought of having a part time rate to appeal to more families. I feel like a lot of people around here don't like paying for the 'spot' and complain when they have to pay for hours their child isn't even here. I won't change to an hourly rate though, I like the simplicity of daily rates. I'm just wondering how those of you that have daily rates charge for part time?
MyAngels 06:30 PM 07-07-2013
I don't have a daily rate, but I do have a part time rate. It is 20% less than my full time rate and it is only available for care up to 25 hours per week. If they go over 25 hours, then the full time rate applies. If they go over the 25 hours more than twice then they get bumped to the full time rate permanently. I only accept one part time family at a time.
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