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WImom 09:15 AM 07-11-2013
Anyone have one or a place to get a good one?

I have a child (Posted about it's the parents...not me) that I'd like to put on probation. I think that may be the only solution. I'm just tired of hearing his name all day due to bugging kids, taking their stuff, copying parents goodbye's with their children, etc. etc. I noticed when he is either removed from the group or not here the day goes so much better. DH said we can make it work if need be. It's not worth my stress.

Anyways, I've never done probation before. How do you handle it, what kind of letter do you send?
Starburst 10:03 AM 07-11-2013
I haven't written one yet but here is something I came up with based on the information you have given.

"Dear DCF,
Due to the continuation of behavior issues that I have brought to your attention, as of today- Thursday, July 11, 2013, your contract will be placed on a probation status. This probation period will last (1, 2) weeks, until the date of Thursday, July __, 2013. The goal is to improve Johnny's behavior in the child care home, if there is no improvement of Johnny's behavior in the child care home, I will have no choice but to terminate our contract.

-(provider's name)"

I wouldn't bring up the actual issues in the letter (especially if you already warned them before), unless they ask what issues you are adressing too then you could make a side list (put in their file as well) of things you expect by that date and thing they can do at home that you think will improve the behavior. If you think they are not willing to try, be prepared to try to fill that spot.
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