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cheerfuldom 03:47 PM 09-16-2013
Can someone give me the basics about running a home daycare in Arizona? Are you allowed to care for any kids without getting a license?

An idea is brewing to make a move to Flagstaff AZ. Anyone know what the range of rates is out there and what is normal regarding hours and "extras" provided with home childcare.
Blackcat31 04:02 PM 09-16-2013
Here's the link to their state regulations

also the Market Rate survey for the state....usually has a ton of info about the areas and market rates....

Now I am not sure about other states but my state does not release a new market rate survey unless the old one is no longer relevant so even though the link I posted says 2010, when I searched for 2013, it still came up so my guess is the rates haven't changed or haven't changed much.

sammie 05:34 PM 09-16-2013
I love Flagstaff!! I went to school there many moons ago I would check the Craigslist ads for the area and see if any providers have listed their rates.
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