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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Whining, Crying and Fighting, Oh My!
AmyLeigh 01:30 PM 03-02-2012
That pretty much describes my house today.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!
Blackcat31 02:42 PM 03-02-2012
It has been a great day!

Had my licensing inspection/renewal licensor (was super nervous) but she turned out to be fantastic!

ALL my DCK's have been great today.....even screamer baby was happy and all smiles!

DD is home from college and came to hang out with the kiddos today....they her!

She (DD) also LOVES to clean so my daycare is spotless!!!!

We FINALLY have some snow and it is currently falling again!

My cold has finally subsided and I can breathe freely now!

It is 30 minutes before closing time and everyone is paid in full for next week! it is definitely a good day! Hope everyone else also has a good day and an even better weekend!
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