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Hunni Bee 11:51 AM 11-19-2014
For those of you who use these, how do they work?

I am "supposed" to offer "quiet" activities to children who don't sleep after 30 minutes. I want to do it, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do it so that 1) the of my kids who need to nap aren't woken up by the non-nappers and 2) so that word doesn't spread that if you don't sleep, you get to do special things on your cot and I have everyone forcing themselves to stay awake. Plus I really do need the time to complete my daily sheets and do work in the classroom.

I have two boys who nap maybe 1 or 2 days a week. They really do try not to disrupt the other kids, but they spend the two hours rolling around, muttering to themselves or asking to go potty 378 times. By the 1:30 mark, they've usually woken up half the class.

I really hate that they are just lying there, but I know if they got even a book or crayons and paper, it would end up being a disaster. Ruffling papers, asking me for another book/piece of paper, saying they want something else.

How do you all manage this?

nothingwithoutjoy 05:04 PM 11-19-2014
I only allow books. I tell the kids to get some books before nap to take to their mat "to read when you wake up." Really, some kids read them when they haven't gone to sleep, but I don't like to advertise that option! :-) The kids who often don't sleep take bigger piles of books with them, and if I think they'll need more, I hand them another stack when I give up on getting them to sleep. For most of my 20 years of teaching, I've had all nappers. But this year, I have 2 who nearly always stay awake. Even when they try to be quiet, they wake kids up. So I've started moving them out of the room where the others sleep once I give up (I keep trying, every day!) so their page rustles won't be so loud!
Josiegirl 03:00 AM 11-20-2014
I wait more like 45 min to an hour, some take longer to fall asleep. Then I give the awake ones a shoe-box sized tub of different activities. I just tell them that I have things to finish up, if they keep bugging me, although that doesn't really work. I don't know what ages you have but I have 2 prek girls who love puzzles so I also offer them a 48 pc. puzzle each that they can do. I offer the books you use with erasable markers so they can practice their letters. I offer folder games, there's 1 with a magnifying glass too. I went to the Family Dollar store and bought little odds and ends just for the boxes. Unfortunately the novelty wore off pretty quickly. But they always love drawing and by the time nap time is over I have about 15 new pictures to post on the fridge.
Yes, it is a challenge to keep them quiet so the little ones can rest.
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