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busymomof2 01:26 PM 10-15-2010
I currently care for 6 children (2 my own). I have primarily preschool age and do a preschool program with them. I took a 2 1/2-year old as a favor to a mom because she lived real close and drops off & picks up her son on the next street. I didn't realize how much of a problem it would cause. She has a speech delay...says only mom all day, hits, pulls hair and doesn't listen to direction. I have thought about terminating her because mom was late picking her up everyday for 2 weeks but has since corrected that since I enforced the late pick-up fee. I throw my hands up...I totally forgot what it was like to have a daughter didn't have these behaviors and I wasn't trying to teach. I need ideas to keep her busy while I am teaching the other children. I would also like ideas of what to do with her one-on-one to help her with speech and development. She doesn't like to color and she won't sit still for a book or activity. Help!!! Am I asking or expecting too much. She really throws off my whole day. If I don't get help/ideas I will have to terminate. I thought about an assistant but too much trouble and can't afford it. Thanks in advance for your help.
Crystal 02:16 PM 10-15-2010
I'd find a way to be as inclusive as possible. All of my two year olds participate in our preschool time and they love it!!!

Get her involved in circle time if you have one. Music and movement, fingerplays and flannel board stories are certain to gain her interest.

Provide her with sensory play....clear rubbermaid bins on a table will work well, partially filled with sand and shells, or water and a doll to wash, playdough, etc.

MUSIC....when she is being aggressive or ornery, turn on some tunes and DANCE!!!

Pull out a napmat and encourage an older child to help her do somersaults, burn off some energy.

Give her old shoes, purses and jewelry to play with.

INCLUDE the older children. By nature, they tend to LOVE being helpers, especially with the younger children. When you are woring with one or two older children and the two year old needs attention, ask an older child to play with her. Be sure to give a specific activty or play experience or it could turn into chaos.

Give her jobs.....wet a sponge or give her baby wipes and ask her to clean tables, chairs, light switches, door knobs.....most two year olds LOVE this.

Give her wipies and have her give the dolls a "bath"

As far as speech development....most importantly talk to her, using real words, not baby talk. Hang colorful pictures, posters ad make a "friends and family" photo album. Point out and talk about what's in the pictures and ask her questions....when she points to something and attempts to say what it is, repeat it back to her. Play picture bingo with her, making sure to point out the exact words for each picture. Don't allow her to "lazy talk" to you. If she wants something, pointing and grunting for it doesn't work, she HAS to at least ATTEMPT to state what it is she wants. When she says it the best she can, repeat it back correctly...example....she wants juice, she points to a cup, you ask her what she wants....she keeps tell her I need you to use your words, I do not understand what you want when you point....she says cup or say, oh, I see, you are thirsty and want some juice (or water) in your cup. Be consistent about it and she'll slowly catch on.

Good luck!
busymomof2 06:26 PM 10-15-2010
Thank you! Very good ideas. I will try a couple on Monday.
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