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tenderhearts 12:26 PM 10-29-2010
Our hallway is wider than the standard baby gate. Does anyone know of a brand that extends the standard width? thanks
JJPlaycare 12:37 PM 10-29-2010
I bought our gates at either Target or Walmart.... thinking more towards Target, but not positive on which store, anyhow there was an extender kit in the box! It is metal and opens like a door, really sturdy and convienent! Not sure if it would work or not!
momma2girls 12:41 PM 10-29-2010
I purchased both of mine, with extenders under they ship to the store free as well. I love mine, definately worth every penny!!
tenderhearts 12:44 PM 10-29-2010
thanks I'll look into that.
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