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Kimberly 10:26 AM 01-04-2011
Hi, my husband and I just purchased an existing daycare business and was wondering if anyone had some pointers for me. I look forward to talking with everyone and thank you in advance for your imput.
DCMomOf3 10:39 AM 01-04-2011
Welcome Kimberly!
Michael 11:48 AM 01-04-2011
Welcome to the Forum Kimberly! Hopefully someone will have some imput for you.
Crystal 11:52 AM 01-04-2011
Hi and welcome.

I think to be able to give you any REAL advice, we would need to know where you are coming from. What, if any, experience do you have working with children and running a child care business? What type of services are you providing....full day child care, preschool, infant/toddler care, etc.? How many children are you licensed for and how many are currently enrolled? What education do you have that will help you with your work with children? Do you have any specific concerns about the business or woking with children? What will be your level of involvement in the business....will you be in the classroom with the children, hiring others to work with them, etc.?

Okay, if you can provide some answers to those I may have some good advice for you
Blackcat31 11:52 AM 01-04-2011
Welcome! The only advice I can give and strongly suggest you follow is to make policies/rules that work for YOU and DO NOT give in because as someone else said on another thread...if you do not respect your policies, the parents NEVER will. I would also spend some time talking with the old owner and ask what type of things he/she had issues with...maybe even ask the parents of your childcare what things they liked and would like to see changed. No one said you have to change anything but atleast get some feedback from both sides. Do a questionaire type thing maybe. Also spend some time on this forum looking at older threads and posts and you can pretty much tell what the main problems in childcare are and find some logical and reasonably solutions. Good luck..hoping we will see you on the forum as a regular!
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