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kcnjason 01:21 PM 05-26-2011
I'm not sure about everyone else who is a member to this site, but I live in MT and we have had nothing but rain, rain, rain for a week now. After having about 7 months of winter with snow, we now have spring with nothing but RAIN! I'm getting burned out on activities and things to do with the kids. My dck age from 18 months through 5 years old. I think it would be great if we could all start a rainy day activity swap. I'm even going to look up homemade FINGER paints. Does anyone want to share their ideas for what you do on your rainy days?
countrymom 01:23 PM 05-26-2011
today we were coloring with chalk and I took out playdoh. this rain is driving me nuts, I have never seen so much rain like the last month.
meganlavonnesmommy 04:21 AM 05-27-2011
We build forts by stretching blankets between one of the couches and a bookcase (the bookcase is built into the wall, so no risk of it falling over). I use duct tape to hold the blankets in place and it gives the kids a little fort to play in. They love it. I also have a small 2 person tent I put up for them to play in. They like to play scavenger hunts. I take large abc letters that I laminated so they are sturdy. I have them close their eyes while I hide the letters all over the room, then they find them.

We do a collage. I save all my old scraps from crafts and let them glue random things to paper to make a collage picture.

If I am running out of ideas, then its movie day! We watch a movie and eat "popcorn", which isnt really popcorn, but the puffed corn.
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