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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Online Trainings Would You Recommend?
Laurel 11:09 AM 09-24-2013
I have only taken in person trainings for childcare. We need 10 hours per year.

I want to take some online ones. Which ones have you used and liked for both price and content?

I have been looking at and also Applebaum online ones. I just found this one which is free but it is out of Texas. It doesn't say you can't take it if you are not in Texas.

Anyone know about that? (cause free is good )

Thanks, Laurel
MyAngels 11:22 AM 09-24-2013
I have used Care Courses and like them. I've also taken some free webinars from here:

I did the Safe Sleep and the Managing Infectious Diseases last year. You can only get the certificate for training hours if you do the live webinar, but you can view the archived ones on the site if you just want information.
slorey 11:58 AM 09-24-2013
It depends on what you are looking for. I have done quite a few from They are pretty simple so it is easy to get through them if you don't mind the reading. But, I really haven't learned much new from them. So, if you are just looking to fill your hours I would recommend them but if you are actually trying to learn something, maybe not! I also wish some of the classes were longer. I actually have some classes I paid for last year that I still need to take, now that I think of it. Hope it's not too late to access them. I have also wondered about care courses and thought about taking some through there. NY has to pre-approve online training so anything I want to take I have to cross reference on the state's list to make sure it has been approved before taking it. Such a PITA!
Michael 01:55 PM 09-24-2013
Laurel 06:24 PM 09-24-2013
Thanks for the links everyone.

I checked them all out but it turns out that the Texas one is going to work out the best. I just took one of the courses for FREE and earned 2 hours. You don't have to be a Texas resident to take the courses. There are enough classes on the site for me to get more than 10 hours so it is all good.

The course was well done but they kept referring to handouts we should refer to and I didn't see how to print out those but I probably just missed them. You really didn't need them for the class I took called 'Responding to Challenging Infant Toddler Behavior'.

Wow, it was free. Can't seem to wrap my head around that at the moment.

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