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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>providing childcare instead of pay?
ihop 01:11 PM 02-05-2014
I have been looking for a very part time assistant and got an email today from a woman who wants to work in the daycare in exchange for part time childcare.

She proposed having her child here 30hrs a week and she would be here for 15 hours a week working. Cooking cleaning assisting with outings etc.

She works part time so she wants care the hours she is at work. No money would change hands in this scenario.

I'm curios if I would have to treat her like an employee still or if its a volunteer situation.

It seems like it could get to be a pain in the rear though with sick days and vacation and "he can't come so I can't either" blah blah.

Just curious what you guys thought about it before I reply.
Blackcat31 01:12 PM 02-05-2014
Personally, been there, done that.

NEVER again.
ihop 01:14 PM 02-05-2014
Good to know! But now I've gotta know why?
nannyde 01:17 PM 02-05-2014
No way
Blackcat31 01:18 PM 02-05-2014
Originally Posted by ihop:
Good to know! But now I've gotta know why?
Mom expected special treatment of her child
Mom didn't think any of the rules applied to her as she was an employee not a client (even though she was)
Mom wanted to switch her days of work to match her child's attendance days
Mom decided daycare space/attendance wasn't enough compensation so she wanted to be paid....but then didn't want to pay the rate I charged regular families
Mom didn't want me to claim the money/time she worked with the IRS
Mom suddenly hated any and all of my policies when they applied to her.
Child was HORRID
She ended up quitting with no notice but then got mad when I told her I was filling her child's space.

.......need more reasons?
SilverSabre25 01:21 PM 02-05-2014
My gut says "no way Jose"

My logic says--figure out what you are planning on paying an assistant. Then figure out your "hourly" rate for childcare. Compare what you would be "paying" her to what you are hoping to pay an assistant to see if it would even be worth it. 30 hrs of childcare in exchange for 15 hours of work doesn't sound very promising.
Cat Herder 01:27 PM 02-05-2014
Parent issues + managing women issues + center brat issues = RUN
ihop 01:34 PM 02-05-2014
I love you guys!

Sold. No deal.
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