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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Favorite Rainy Day Activities?
SilverSabre25 05:18 AM 04-04-2014
Share your favorite rainy day fun!

~Movie Afternoon, complete with popcorn
~Baking cookies for snack
~Jumping on a mini trampoline to get wiggles out (***IF YOUR RULES ALLOW)
~Set up a superyard and fill it with ball pit balls
~Indoor "camping" with a play tent or two, a picnic on the playroom floor for lunch, maybe indoor s'mores for snack, and whatever props they can create!
~Puddle walk if everyone has boots and coats and it's not raining too hard

What are your ideas?
coolconfidentme 05:33 AM 04-04-2014
A blanket fort is a big hit here.
Meyou 05:39 AM 04-04-2014
BIG paper pictures or just roll the paper out across the room and everyone draws together.

Tea parties with costumes and animal friends.

Dance parties with pom poms.

Water play in the kitchen complete with ducks. I put water into big tupperware container with lots of towels around.
melilley 08:19 AM 04-04-2014
Ugh, it's raining here right now!
We just got done playing with corn starch and water. The kids had a blast and sat there for at least 30 min and one is only 1.5 and one of the other kids is my hyper, never likes to sit kid!
nothingwithoutjoy 06:29 PM 04-04-2014
We're out rain or shine. When I'm sick of the rain, I can deal with it better if we:
--take a walk
--go to the stream nearby (gonna be wet anyway)
--bring some kind of art outside: sidewalk chalk or clay are fun in the rain
--walk somewhere where we'll get out of the rain: library, cafe
Unregistered 08:06 PM 04-04-2014
Mine like to do indoor pretend puddle stomping. I have small blue circular bath mats I put out. They get their rain boots & coats on and pretend to puddle stomp. Gets them ready for when we do real puddle stomping later.
Sugar Magnolia 08:38 AM 04-05-2014
Indoor tent building with sheets, tables, chairs.
Dance parties.
Movement games like Simon says
Indoor ball craziness with a big box of those lightweight ball pit type balls
Messy crafts

We have MANY rainy days Life in the tropics
MrsSteinel'sHouse 02:59 PM 04-07-2014
rain paint (markers on coffee filters and then put them out in the rain)
small parachute inside
we might snuggle up and read more books on a rainy day.
I generally still try to get them out unless there is thunder or lightening.
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